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Derrick Climb Assist

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DBI/SALA 200' Cable Assembly
DBI/SALA 200' Cable Assembly With Rung And Belt Hook (1/4" Diameter, For Use With SSB Series Climb A..
Ex Tax: $501.00
DBI/SALA Assist Counterweight Assembly
DBI/SALA SSB Climb Assist Galvanized Counterweight Assembly With Runaway Brake System..
Ex Tax: $761.00
DBI/SALA Flexible Climb Assist System
DBI/SALA Flexible Aluminum Climb Assist System..
Ex Tax: $1,423.00
DBI/SALA Mounting Bracket
DBI/SALA Galvanized Mounting Bracket (For Use With 3511063 Climb Assist Safety Block)..
Ex Tax: $285.00


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