Wheel-Check WLCH Loose Wheel-Nut Indicator

Accurate Safety Compliance

Wheel-Check Loose Wheel-Nut Indicator

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Wheel-Check WLCH Loose Wheel-Nut Indicator, 100/Bag

Details 1. Provides a simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel torque in seconds. 2. Reduce your risk of wheel detachment accidents. (Protect the public, help prevent property and load damage). 3. Lower your maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary re-torqueing. 4. Quickly identify a hot wheel possibly caused by bearing failure or brake drag. 5. Decrease equipment downtime. 6. Facilitates official roadside inspections. 7. Clearly visible at night and in bad weather (rain, snow, muddy conditions). 8. Easy to install. 9. Pays for itself in just one unnecessary re-torque procedure

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