Confined Space Course

Accurate Safety Compliance

Confined Space Course

Length: 8-10 Hours


The purpose of this program is to ensure the safety of all workers and comply with all federal and state requirements that pertain to confined spaces.

Course Topics:

  1. Confined Space Authorized Entrant, Attendant, and Supervisor Rescue
  2. Emergency Action Plan/Rescue/Medical duties
  3. Job Safety Analysis/Hazard Assessment
  4. Personal Protective Equipment
  5. Respiratory Protection Program
  6. Practical Application by Students

Reference: OSHA 29 CFR 1910. 132; 134; 146 ANSI Z117

Target audience: This program is a must for any and all workers that may be involved in confined space entry. Students receive a certificate of completion.

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:10

Pre Requisite: A Medical Evaluation is required and Fit Test of Respirator for those Personnel who will wear respirators. ** Additional Costs.

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